use this site for research of obscure even ancient manuscripts. amazing resource here: alchemists, mystics, esotericists, hard to find historical documents now available to all.

another amazing resource for anything Gnostic free to all. extend your research here

extend your Alchemical treatise research here. Jung had to buy these ancient books

now you can view for free

our sister site with slide show of the Red Book

Henry Corbin explaining like no other the imaginary and the imaginal. Read this to come to grips with your active imaginations

McKenna presents here a 4 hour seminar to a Jungian group regarding the Hermetic tradition. He's a raconteur and a wordsmith explaining with clarity the historical perspective of the Hermetic Tradition

Rubaphilos (alchemical alias) presents his assimilation of the Hermetic Tradition: find here an open and blatant elucidation of Gnosis and Kabala in this vast series of essays. A welcome expression regarding the same old "wine."  He also has a youtube channel with over 40 hours of explicit explanations.